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Terms of use

Terms of use

Before registering in AnimesFaucet you have to accept the following conditions.

General rules

  • 1 - I am aware that if I am more than 30 days without connecting to my account, it will be deleted.
  • 2 - It is not allowed to put fraudulent or sexual content web pages in our PTC advertisements.
  • 3 - Creating multiple accounts or using proxy/vpn will lead to permanent suspension of your account.
  • 4 - Submitting empty or poorly done tasks with the intention of circumventing the task will result in an immediate ban on your account.

Chat rules

  • 1 - Hate speech and ideology are not allowed. including race, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disabilities or diseases
  • 2 - Don't share bloody or cruel images.
  • 3 - Do not do self-promotions, advertising or any related activity. including discord links, websites, apps, promoted links
  • 4 - No type of NSFW content or sexual content will be allowed, be it: images, links, videos, audios, or even talk about it. You will be sanctioned with a permanent BAN. (The incitement to this content will also be sanctioned).
  • 5 - Respect all members of the chat without exception (If you joke insults, be careful not to go overboard, as you can affect the self-esteem of others). Generating conflicts is prohibited.
  • 6 - Toxic Behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • 7 - Do not question the rules, as they are to keep the server stable and everything in order between our users.
  • 8 - Do not impersonate someone else or use names or nicknames that may be considered inappropriate.

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